Domestication and Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Malawi

Youth after assessing progress made towards the domestication and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Malawi.

Youth consider SDGs as an opportunity for Malawi to move into a middle income country and end poverty.
They also recognize the efforts by the Malawi Government in actualizing the SDGs through the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS lll) and other policies.

They are aware that these SDGs need to be achieved by 2030.

 However, there are worrying observations made in building the momentum for the SDGs so that citizens and young people need to benefit.
  1. Awareness among citizens and stakeholders is very low and this will affect ownership and partnerships
  2. Many district Councils have not yet started integrating SDGs in Development Implementation Plans and Budgets.
  3. High levels of poverty and unemployment pose a great threat in achieving the SDGs
  4. Corruption and abuse of public resources will hinder Malawi’s efforts to realize the SDGs commitments.
  5. Increased volumes of imports against exports will continue to undermine the economic drive for the country.
Youth are therefore calling upon the Malawi government, development partners
and members here
  • to increase investments towards implementing the SDGs.
  • empower young people and communities to increase their contributions in ending poverty.
  • End corruption and abuse of public resources to ensure that resources are available to eradicate poverty
Youth in Malawi commit to
  • Mobilize ourselves and other young people to own the SDGs and make contributions towards realization of the SDGs
  • We pledge to champion the SDGs and the MGDS lll and work with all the stakeholders to achieve them.
Youth Message
Malawi has no choice but to implement the SDGS in the best interest of the citizen and young

One of youth NGOs that are committed in ensuring that SDGs are implemented is CISE.
CISE is an Indigenous Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act (CAP. 5:03) of the Laws of Malawi. CISE is also registered with Council for Non-Governmental Organization of Malawi (CONGOMA) and NGO Board of Malawi. CISE currently implement its programmes in Mchinji district of Central Region of Malawi. The rationale for setting up CISE is due to a felt need to encourage everyone to utilize human potential that would translate into development of Malawi as a nation. The youth constitute suggests that the majority of the population is unemployed worldwide. The challenge within Malawi is much attributed to low entrepreneurship skills, high school dropout rates, early pregnancies and marriages and HIV/AIDS


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